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‘Dad’ a word

‘Dad’ a word; ‘daddy’ a feeling 

‘father’ to define the society’s escape 

For me ugh a superhero without the cape?!

A friend?! Not really  by tries hard to attain our friendships

So can learn thoroughly about us during our hardships

A guide?!  Yes for sure

Coz he says he’s seen the world a little more

Here experience counts fluency doesn’t 

In the world to survive with opinions dozenth

I’ve heard mum saying I was born as a light to u

N that u were in tears when u held me first with love undue

The stubbornest kid born to u

The one who could never leave u

I remember lingering around u wen u home back 

With a huge hug n some chocolates u brought me in packs 

But don’t u still consider me the same

Even wen m 20; daddy m not so lame! 

Didn’t u cried when I left home the recent time

Don’t u cry the same everytime

Didn’t u cried on my last birthday I was away 

N sang me happy happy birthday; dad, u blessed me to slay 

Don’t u still bring me flowers when u back

But dad now m a big girl 

Kindly accept the fact 

Don’t be scared n ask me to be brave. 

M your daughter I was born to be brave

Don’t be scared to lose me one day 

Either in the war of life 

Or as somebody else’s wife

A father is always
 a father to a daughter 

Which house she wakes up to, no matter

I want to thank you dad

Thanks for everything I have n had 

I exist because u do

N I will always love u!

A guy she met online

The guy she met online 

Amm…an unknown face?!

Didn’t she mind for the frst tym?!

The insane human she was in contact with 

Made her meet the friend of her kind

She was spritually mad

He was heavenly undivine

Together they could make the gods think twice 
The connect that was in his words she thought were her own and he stole

What a beautiful similar poetic baring of his inhibitions and her soul

Do I really know u??! 

Not so close to tag you all mine

Not so far to not to text u online 

No,  I don’t own for years and so

I juz met u online 
But knowing through years of autumn n spring isn’t that important 

Wen u can differentiate who an honest man and who a son of satan

My dark world

The stronger she grew outside

The more she shredded own self inside

The more confident she grew on her skin

Trying harder to help herself win

But this abiding nagging pain at the back of her head

Often shakes off her soul and holds her back to the world that is unknwn and unsaid

Poem in hindi

ज़ख्म थे जो तेरे सभी 

दफ़्न हैं मेरे भी सीने में कही।
अश्को का काला समुद्र न लौटें फिर कभी 

हमारे सज़िश-ए-कैद की गिरफ़्त मे है अब सभी ।
पर अब जो छाये गम्म के बादल तुझ पर कभी, (२)

तो मेरे दोस्त,

अपने हृदय की रोशनी से जीवन प्रज्वलित कर सको हो 

इस कदर सक्षम तुम भी ।💜