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She had a grt visual prowesses
But was unfortunate enough so as
Could use them only at wrong places

She must hv a Byakugan
But wishes to hv a Rinnegan
N yea that would be something amazing!

Coz she knws noone meets second tym in a row
So let’s end it here for once n all
Coz she knows the planet is marked
N the Lords of Otsutsuki clan R coming…!

Wildest dreams

🌌Maybe it’s the way he walked..
Straight into my heart and stole it..
Through the doors and passed the guards..

Just like he already owned it…
I said, “Can you give it back to me?”
He said, “Never in your wildest dreams.”…..😘❤️

Firmly undivine

Slippery is the road
After a huge rainfall

So is the mind
Aftr a huge fight

Tear in the eye
Tell urself no lie

Stronger on the skin so far
Weakest most deep in her heart
Err wht a bizzare..!!

Being Indecisive, firmly undivine
Does heavenly wrong to self
O wht a terrible mind..!

#my_scribblings 📝

Bed of roses

Life is a form of gift of nature
N its beautiful how nature has contributed to help us survive
With all its kindness

But with the exploiting quality being a human
He ruined it all
Vandalized n demolished everything that he could

For he thinks that has overcome with the notion of utilisation of sources for his survival
So as to provide him with all the rights over nature to do whtevr he wishes

Never did he think that how must every element he needed
Has already been there from the time of eternity
Never did he think of how ambience for his survival has always been there
Before he could think of it

As if every asset was formerly set up in a manner, a way
Awaited to welcome him
As if he was supposed to walk through the bed of roses on the red carpet

Little did the nature know that he would think
Tht he himself discovered the roses n the only motto of them
Was to comfort his soles

Which made him think he has all rights to vanquish it all
But little does he know if it has been before he was
It will be after the man is all go

Which proves it has power to ravage the whole of mankind